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How to haggle the cheapest price in Asia


Most stalls love to haggle and if you’ve never done it before don’t worry it’s pretty easy, they do most of the work for you. Here’s my steps and tricks to haggling in Asia, more specifically Petarling Street, Malaysia but it’s pretty much universal for all of Asia. So have fun! I love it 😀

1. First ask them the price.
2. Then ask them what’s their best price*.
3. Then name your price around 50-80%** less than the original and see how the negotiations go.
3.1. Throw in some: “umm’s” ,  “hmm’s” , “come on’s” and if your feeling extra malay try a “too expensive la!”
4. If you are not happy try walking away and they might crack and then start shouting lower numbers at you as you leave. ‘bingo!’
5. If not all the stalls nearby have pretty much exactly the same stuff so repeat from step 1 haha easy right?!

Bonus tips to get it even cheaper!
1.The Rain
If it starts raining they’re aware they might not get many customers coming by and you’re all they’ve got so they will try their best to hang on to you, so push it if you wish.

2. The Nearly Empty Wallet
Now this tip is something that’s worked for me in the past and it’s been for the genuine reason that I’ve run out of money and don’t have enough for the deal. Usually they alway ask how much you’ve got left, if it’s right with them they might settle for lower than you ever could of haggled. I’ve got some things dirt cheap by accident and by luck but I’m sure if you wanted to develop this into a technique you can pre- store different values of money in places around your bag or wallet and try your luck.

3. Don’t walk away from a really good deal
So this isn’t quite tip to get your price cheaper but it’s to make sure you hang on to it. What happened to me was I haggled a nice hat down from 90rm to 30rm and which was hire easy but when I wanted to leave he turned a bit hostile and said “ok but 30 now, 95 when you come back!”
In my case I wasn’t really that fussed, I’m just browsing with plenty of time so I left and I’m sure il be able to get a good deal since I’m back in and out of Malaysia often with no rush.  But it’s worth noting if they recognise you coming back to their stall in desperation there is a chance they might try and milk you once they know you want it.

*Sometimes they may actually give you their best price straight up. You will soon know judging by what prices the other stalls around it have been saying. If you want to make this guy go any cheaper it will only be by buying more of his items or maybe some for your friends?

**Keep in mind the kind of item you are dealing with and how much it might have cost to make and drop the price accordingly 

Have you got any tips,  I would love to hear them?  Cheers

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#Day106 #365JosHappyDays – Sound of a porsche engine


The sound of engines always make me happy and the porsche’s balanced burbling doesn’t disappoint 🙂  The classic 911, 930 has the nicest curves to stare at too!

Just giving the beast a check over before my uncle takes it for a drive to malaca on the weekend.

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#Day67 #365JosHappyDays – Sky Beach!!!… A beach in the sky?!

image Yes that’s right just when I thought infinity pools couldn’t get any more awesome along comes the sky beach! ..SKY BEACH!! I still can’t quite get over how amazing it is! It’s got real sand, palms trees, hammocks and when the winds blowing a bit it’s even got waves! It’s just too cool,  thank you Thomas for inviting me up please let me come again?! .. All because you make a good life guard of course haha

Sadly this hidden gem in the heavens is a private pool for residents only but I’ll check up on that. Seems like the ultimate party spot, has a kitchen up there to use plus a sky high hot tub!

Haha well by the looks of all the exclamation marks I’ve written you can probably tell this place gets me excited. For more #365JosHappyDays click here

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#Day66 #365JosHappyDays – First time in a gay bar – Market Place


Well just encase anyone’s confused il start by saying Im straight and this is my first time going along to a gay nightclub with some friends. Because well why not eh?!
.. Well actually don’t answer that, I’m sure there are endless scenarios of how it might not go as planned but I’m sure it will either make a funny story or a repressed memory?!

Anyway my night didn’t quite end up like that haha, very thankful of these lovely girls from our group sticking with me.


Well in terms of the differences I would certainly say gay guys are allot more friendly (got invited to dance a couple times). Maybe being the same gender levels the playing field a bit, no confusion on who should approach who just everyone’s happy… And also shirtless, allot of shirtless men by the end of the night, yeah that happens. After that realisation I thought it was time to step down from the stage and head off for some supper.

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#Day69 #365JosHappyDays – Hawker centre and chatting with Lu


First was a trip out to a hawker centre for dinner, these places are great.  It’s essentially and big square of tables surrounded by Loads of little stalls all cooking up fresh, cheap, tasty and probably clean food.. aha.

I’ve actually been over indulging allot lately so I didn’t explore all it had to offer, was really happy with my salt fish fried rice. But if you’re after variety I don’t think you will ever meet someone who’s eaten everything here.


Found ourselves in a coffee shop and had a good chat ranging from the naughty to the nerdy. Was a nice evening thanks Lu

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#Day68 #365JosHappyDays – Batu caves with Mabel


Had another fun day messing about with Mabel, this time she was in KL so we took a trip out to Batu caves. The weather was rather nice to us, it rained the whole journey but brightened up once we arrived.  Although with all those steps a bit of rain to cool down could have been great! And gives us a chance to live up to our claims that we both don’t care about getting caught in the rain haha (trust me you’ll live a happpier life if you manage to love and learn from the unpreventable things in life).

Like the photo below of Mabel looking rather unimpressed by the fact she had to rent a sari to enter the Temple.. Haha well it gave us a laugh and she lookes good in it too right?!

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#Day73 #365JosHappyDays – Random repairman selfie


Haha OK so I went to Low Yat mall in the hope to find someone to repair my phone camera for a decent price.  I had no luck in the end but I found this random repairman selfie once I got home ha

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#Day55 #365JosHappyDays – Playing some pool with Mabel


Had a great evening playing pool with Mabel, although I’ve never lost so many times to a girl before! Guess there’s a first for everything, good thing I didn’t put any money or drinks on it ha. She told me during her time in Australia she’s managed to hustle a few people so I don’t feel too bad that my pool skills/luck failed me this time.

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#Day72 #365JosHappyDays – Got hands on an ‘Oily Devil’


So this is essentially the Chinese version or a donut without the sugar, two long strips of dough get deep fried to make this damn tasty stick of unhealthy greatness. I’m not sure of the real name but my family always calls them oily devil’s and I fairly sure that’s near enough the translated name too.

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#Day102 #365JosHappyDays – Guinness pork


Yup Guinness pork! I can’t say it brings back any memories of chugging down a real pint of Guinness but it certainly has a great unique taste.  Once cooked it gives the pork a perfect blend of sweet, sticky and an almost slightly smokey flavour.

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