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#Day106 #365JosHappyDays – Sound of a porsche engine


The sound of engines always make me happy and the porsche’s balanced burbling doesn’t disappoint ­čÖé  The classic 911, 930 has the nicest curves to stare at too!

Just giving the beast a check over before my uncle takes it for a drive to malaca on the weekend.

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#Day87 #365JosHappyDays – Autocross event with the Porsche club + Video

My auntie is on the Porsche club committee for Malaysia so I was lucky enough to come along to their autocross event to see whats its all about and give a helping hand during registration.

Autocross is done all over the world and essentially involves driving as fast as possible around a tight course made up of cones that mark the direction as-well as the boundaries.

Looks like allot of fun requiring allot of skill!

Check out this video bellow, I really wish I was able to be a passenger and feel those g-forces especially for that 360 at the end.

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#Day45 #365JosHappyDays – Thanks for a ride in the Porsche

Went to the garage to pick up some of my uncles cars today as he very kindly fixed up his Mercedes for my brother to use. 
Best part for me was getting to ride home in his Porsche. Which had a rather anti-climatic start with the words I’m sure no porsche owner likes to say ‘we have to drive economically’, at least until we found a petrol station as the tank as empty.┬á Was a fun ride home but I would love to see what this beautiful car can do on a track!

The garage owner seemed pretty cool,  working on all sorts of projects like this hot rod and apparently he had some super armoured up hummer a while back ha


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