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#Day67 #365JosHappyDays – Sky Beach!!!… A beach in the sky?!

image Yes that’s right just when I thought infinity pools couldn’t get any more awesome along comes the sky beach! ..SKY BEACH!! I still can’t quite get over how amazing it is! It’s got real sand, palms trees, hammocks and when the winds blowing a bit it’s even got waves! It’s just too cool,  thank you Thomas for inviting me up please let me come again?! .. All because you make a good life guard of course haha

Sadly this hidden gem in the heavens is a private pool for residents only but I’ll check up on that. Seems like the ultimate party spot, has a kitchen up there to use plus a sky high hot tub!

Haha well by the looks of all the exclamation marks I’ve written you can probably tell this place gets me excited. For more #365JosHappyDays click here

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#Day77 #365JosHappyDays – Sold my car!


Yay, my little polo has been sold back home and luckily for around the same amount as I paid. It was a great first car and shall be forever remembered as I hope to spread it’s ashes around the world in the form of foreign currency. 😀

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#Day91 #365JosHappyDays – Helped tidy my aunties study and found a safe haven from mosquitos.


Tidied up my aunties study for her and best of all now I’ve realised I have a place I can blog mosquito free!  Currently been out in the open plan, kitchen, lounge and dining area which is also open to the outdoors and with so much space it’s a nightmare to chase any mosquitos away. Think I nearly broke my record for most bites in a day record stands at 12..  It’s not a fun game but one I think I have no choice but to continue playing haha

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Please excuse the randomness!

Right I seriously need to catch up with my daily #365JosHappyDays posts, I am maybe a month or more behind now. So in an attempt to sort it out as fast as possible you will have to please excuse the randomness as my plan is to upload whatever I can instead of continuing in order.

I will try and make it easier to navigate by putting links to the others at the bottom.

Bare with me and the mess for a little while and hopefully I’ll be back up to date soon.

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#Day45 #365JosHappyDays – Thanks for a ride in the Porsche

Went to the garage to pick up some of my uncles cars today as he very kindly fixed up his Mercedes for my brother to use. 
Best part for me was getting to ride home in his Porsche. Which had a rather anti-climatic start with the words I’m sure no porsche owner likes to say ‘we have to drive economically’, at least until we found a petrol station as the tank as empty.  Was a fun ride home but I would love to see what this beautiful car can do on a track!

The garage owner seemed pretty cool,  working on all sorts of projects like this hot rod and apparently he had some super armoured up hummer a while back ha


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