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#Day240 #365JosHappyDays – Note to self don’t pretend a paint roller is a mustache


“Is there something on my nose?!”

Up on the ladder at my uncles again and nearly finish painting his pagoda,  wielding this weapon of choice today..  Dangerous as you can see,  must handle with extreme caution around the face.

Also it almost smelt like a chemically kinda creamy custard but then maybe that was my wishful thinking and cravings kicking in… I do miss my custard and thick Devon clotted cream! …..  Anyway you probably didn’t need to know that,  unless however you’re some kind of clotted cream dealer in Perth? 

Bit of a long shot..

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#Day73 #365JosHappyDays – Random repairman selfie


Haha OK so I went to Low Yat mall in the hope to find someone to repair my phone camera for a decent price.  I had no luck in the end but I found this random repairman selfie once I got home ha

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#Day4 #365JosHappyDays – Gopro Bodgery


Pretty chuffed with my last minute bodge job.My selfie stick needed a wrist strap so I managed to make one by chopping up a bolt, roughing it up and melting on some paracord. Got my remote on there too , should do the trick  nicely 🙂

… Going to miss being able to use all the tools in my room once I’m gone though, best move on to developing some bushcraft skills!

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