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#Day39 #365JosHappyDays – Matsuya – Cheap Eats!

Matsuya –  I walked by this place and saw their menu last night and thought I couldn’t go wrong with a beef meal set for just 500yen that’s like £3! I went in and had the large and ever so slightly more expensive chili dish at 550yen which was just a big bowl and some miso soup but it was so good (and cheap) I came back for lunch the next day to try the regular meal set.  Which was actually even better,  it came with soup, salad, rice and the meat and 80yen for kinda sour and spicy dish of kimchi (that lil red dish of veg). They all come with unlimited access to cold water or hot tea too. 

The beef dish is called Gyudon and just means beef bowl, to me some flavours tastes familiar to my mums cooking so I would say it maybe has, onion, garlic, ginger and yellow bean paste. I loved it taste and it’s nothing weird so I’m sure any westerner would too.  It’s a safe bet and definitely worth a try and with there stores being all over Tokyo it shouldn’t be hard to find especially with Google.

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#Day37 #365JosHappyDays – Karaoke!


That’s right! In true Japanese style we got on the karaoke machine after a celebratory work meal. Man I’m awful at remembering any song lyrics but sure is great fun and a brilliant form of stress relief haha 😀

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#Day26 #365JosHappyDays – Beef craving satisfied


Well, I’ve been in Japan a couple weeks now and my beef cravings started kicking in. We were going out for Sushi that evening. Although they did have steak there.. but come on that’s the easy option right?! Werhay! They have beef Sushi, perfect Japanese fusion solution 😀

I was all psyched up and prepared to eat it raw after seeing the picture, so having a little blow torch over the top gave me just the flavour I was looking for mixed with a bit of soy sauce and wasbi.  Yum

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#Day22 #365JosHappyDays – Business & Bento

So this evening I got to sit in on a business meeting where every month everyone in the department all has to pitch a new product all based around how creative they could get with stain glass. And in true Japanese style I had my first business bento box. Before the meeting they are delivered and everybody chows down on one of these. For me; it all being new it was pretty fun, again I love the style of lots of small things, lots to try, lots of colours, all presented perfectly.  However with my lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity I found it to be a bit like a kid in a candy store mixed with Russian roulette,  flavours are can definitely surprise you when you expect something else!


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Only In Japan! – Found a brilliant Game Show

Came across this on tv and had to record a few clips as its priceless, love it all! Took me while to work out what on earth the game was but i think they all perform some pretty wild and crazy arty illusions and get judged to win some big prize money. Either way these guys are geniuses at being idiots haha

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Only in Japan! – The girls in blue


Yup!  Only in Japan will girls dressed in blue come up to you at a bar, offer you free packs of cigarettes,  play games, attempt some magic and fail then take Polaroid photo,  give it to us and leave..  Haha brilliant,  but wait what just happened?!  Although safe to say when a finger fell out of her handbag and rolled on the floor I was relieved when I found it was just a prop for a magic trick that clearly didn’t go to plan haha

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#Day15 #365JosHappyDays – Thank you washing machine

#Day15 #365JosHappyDays – Thank you washing machine.


Wooohoo I’ve now worked out how to get some clean clothes in Japanese…  With a little help from picture messaging to my boss aha

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#Day14 #365JosHappyDays – Feeling astonished and privileged

#Day14 #365JosHappyDays – Feeling astonished and privileged
So what a truly incredible and insightful past couple of days, I was given the opportunity to visit and meet the people behind all the factory’s and workshops of the best in Japan. Ranging from massive machinery crashing down forging steel and making me flinch everytime from 10m away! To one signal man sat in his lounge under a heated blanket with generations of samurai knowledge and wisdom being sharpened into a fine point of a blade. Obviously no pictures are allowed from this secretive industry but to be allowed behind closed door was a serious privilege and a memorable experience. Then to make my day even better I got to live my blacksmithing dream, making a knife put of a nail! This is a great place where experts have come together trying to inspire and restore the traditional Japanese methods into the next generation before the knowledge is lost forever.


In the picture above you see the stages from nail to my kids on the right; it is heated,  flattered,  twisted,  flattered to a fine tip and shape then sanded, sandblasted,  grinded, polished and finally stamped.


And here’s my finished knife, I’m still astonished with the whole process, so much fun. It cuts paper too, I can’t wait to open a years worth of post when I return with this sucker !


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Learning Japanese

So In my attempt to learn to read and write Japanese as quick as possible before I leave I have been covering all my things in post it notes! Gotta say it has been quite fun but I still have a long way to go.  My conversation skills haven’t improved much talking to my cat..  or shall I say Neko 🙂


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