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#Day29 #365JosHappyDays – 3D Printing Win!!


Love this sooo much! Right so not only does is that little super tool useful for sanding down and taking off the the excess plastic of a 3D print but it can put it back on too! So happy to find out the tool is spot on the same size as the filament we use so I just slide it in, crank up the rpm and the plastic friction welds both bits together.

In this case we cracked part of the hand forcing a pin in to hard but I’ve just used some spare white filament and tested out joining back together and it worked a treat 🙂

.. I may have spent the end of the day just experimenting putting in different filaments and colouring things with my new hot gooey plastic pen ha,  great fun!…  *Also dangerous if it’s unbalanced and high rpm haha I soon put the goggles on 😉

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Lego Adventure – Benny didn’t enjoy the office!

So I took Benny into the office today,  I don’t think he enjoyed it,  man that guys a liability. Careful dude that spins!


Come on let’s pick you up,  time to go.


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#Day20 #365JosHappyDays – Got a working 3D printed hand!

Our test hand is printed and functioning!

This is all part of the project: ‘E-nable’  it is a no profit organisation that has the wonderful idea to bring together kids in need of help getting prosthetic hands and matching them with people all around the world with a 3D printers raring and willing to help out for free.

They also have a fantastic Google plus community of people online helping in just anyway they can from funding,  matching,  sizing,  printing,  designing, developing and just being of help to anyone that has questions.

This hand is the raptor hand and can be found on their site

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#Day16 #365JosHappyDays – New Office Toy

#Day16 #365JosHappyDays  –  New Office Toy


Do love a good gadget and this is making the fine tuning a piece of cake. Think of it as a mini drill or grinder with many more mini capabilities. I have one of these at my workshop back home but I’m loving this Japanese one, I can definitely feel that weighty quality to it.


Above we have the first baby hand and the bigger one to test on my hand. Called the raptor hand and part of amazing Enable project which I shall explain soon 🙂

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#Day9 #365JosHappyDays – Hello 3D Printer!


Feels good to be finally introduced to the 3D printer I recommended to them last year.  I’ve got some more calibration and optimisation to do yet but a couple days in and we’ve got it printing the peices to a hand! Excited 😀 If anyone is interested in getting a printer feel free to ask me anything, this is an Ultimaker 2 but I’ve researched allot recently so there’s a few I might recommend.

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