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#Day67 #365JosHappyDays – Sky Beach!!!… A beach in the sky?!

image Yes that’s right just when I thought infinity pools couldn’t get any more awesome along comes the sky beach! ..SKY BEACH!! I still can’t quite get over how amazing it is! It’s got real sand, palms trees, hammocks and when the winds blowing a bit it’s even got waves! It’s just too cool,  thank you Thomas for inviting me up please let me come again?! .. All because you make a good life guard of course haha

Sadly this hidden gem in the heavens is a private pool for residents only but I’ll check up on that. Seems like the ultimate party spot, has a kitchen up there to use plus a sky high hot tub!

Haha well by the looks of all the exclamation marks I’ve written you can probably tell this place gets me excited. For more #365JosHappyDays click here

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#Day14 #365JosHappyDays – Feeling astonished and privileged

#Day14 #365JosHappyDays – Feeling astonished and privileged
So what a truly incredible and insightful past couple of days, I was given the opportunity to visit and meet the people behind all the factory’s and workshops of the best in Japan. Ranging from massive machinery crashing down forging steel and making me flinch everytime from 10m away! To one signal man sat in his lounge under a heated blanket with generations of samurai knowledge and wisdom being sharpened into a fine point of a blade. Obviously no pictures are allowed from this secretive industry but to be allowed behind closed door was a serious privilege and a memorable experience. Then to make my day even better I got to live my blacksmithing dream, making a knife put of a nail! This is a great place where experts have come together trying to inspire and restore the traditional Japanese methods into the next generation before the knowledge is lost forever.


In the picture above you see the stages from nail to my kids on the right; it is heated,  flattered,  twisted,  flattered to a fine tip and shape then sanded, sandblasted,  grinded, polished and finally stamped.


And here’s my finished knife, I’m still astonished with the whole process, so much fun. It cuts paper too, I can’t wait to open a years worth of post when I return with this sucker !


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