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Meet my mate ‘Mavo’

Right, Game on. I’ve bought a new toy thats the perfect sized travel companion. This is the DJI Mavic Pro and its the drone I’ve been waiting for. Weighs under 1kg and folds up small enough to fit in a suspiciously large pocket or maybe just a backpack. Either way I hope Mavo here will stick by my side and explore the world with me.
The blogs been pretty dormant recently, only because I have been out and about across asia and Aus taking heaps of photos, videos and well yeah il admit, a bit of sleeping too while i could have been editing.  BUT with this guy in my arsenal I promise il come back with more posts, more edits and definitely more angles.

Catch ya soon.


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✓ Finished my first book!

So its taken me 22 years but I set my self the goal after i finished uni this year to finish a book. And here we are and I’ve finished a whole trilogy 😀 It was great really got what I wanted; A new world to explore and understand and a mystery to unwind that kept me hooked. I’ve never been drawn in by books and I’m glad after just this first my attitude to them has already changed and I am looking for to seeing what else it out there.

This new found desire to read books and my kindle come as a great tool for curing boredom while traveling. I genuinely look forward to those times where all you can do is sit and wait for a train to come along or my 2 days worth of flying coming up soon to get me to Japan via India, precious kindle time with no distractions or internet 🙂

The book by the way is the Maze Runner series by James Dashner and the picture bellow is the prequel. Its an easy and interesting read and I would recommend it.


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