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Romanesco Broccoli – Fibonachi Fractals


Found this in the market and I’m absolutely mesmerised by nature’s beauty right now! Fibonachi Fractals!

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#Day35 #365JosHappyDays – Building Projections

Always wanted to see one of these massive projections on the side of a building and what a building! Was lucky enough to catch it on the way out from leaving the company stand at the Tokyo gift show. These 4 upside down pyramids are the entrance to Tokyo’s biggest exhibition centre and they are built in this specific formation to symbolise.. Nah I’m just messing, nobody has a clue why it’s built like this and believe me there are some weirder looking building than this!

It’s was pretty cool but I wanted less dancing and more building manipulation and illusions to mess with ya head. I would definitely like to see it one on some older architecture and have the classic ball of light pretend to flow in and out of the windows 🙂

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Lego Adventures – Benny builds a snowman


Awh, good job man! Speaking of which I’ve got work to go to, you have fun playing in the snow buddy and don’t catch a chill.

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#Day21 #365JosHappyDays – Badass ‘Hello Kitty’ Graffiti

It’s just quite simply the best Hello Kitty I’ve ever seen, well done Shibuya,  Tokyo.


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