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#Day90 #365JosHappyDays – Found myself a nice travel playlist to accompany my storm watching or exploring.


I like being introduced to new music and one of the easiest places for that is on 8 tracks but what makes it even better is you can find almost any playlist for for the mood you’re inor activity you plan to do.

I’m a fan of spending the time to sit back and watching what nature has around us or to even get in and be part of it. As you see by the name of this playlist ‘to wander through the elements’  that’s what it’s all about; it’s description says to be listened ‘through stormy countrysides, hazy deserts, misty cornfields, rainy streets and across the moon’ haha seems worth a listen and should make a nice addition for when glazing out of train windows.

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#Day36 #365JosHappyDays – The Power of Music


Love it, out on the streets of Tokyo with a mission and no time to spare. Whack on some drum an bass and I find myself running everywhere, even up big flights of stairs with plenty of energy to spare. Gotta love the power of music aye! 😀

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Only In Japan! – All aboard the clown train.. Erm no!!


Seriously!  Wtf!  Was out for a walk I was out for a walk when I just glaced over and thought ‘weird looked like I just saw some creep dressed a clown stairing at me’.. I stop and look over again to check ‘Wait what, I did! Oh god there’s more of them! They’re not even moving,  are they real?!’ … ‘ahhh definitely real!’ 

Anyway..  I’m not OK with this, they were so vacant and eerie. Dam soulless clowns.. 

I came to the conclusion that it must be some kinda advertisement for a creepy clown band and not the beginning of the apocalypse. 

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