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#Day24 #365JosHappyDays – My favourite building


Reunited up close to one of my favourite land marks the mori tower in Roppongi hills. Always loved it’s blue lights that pulse up and down and the fact I could usually see it from anywhere in Tokyo… Plus Roppongi marked a fun night out for drinking too!

But that night was not the case,  we went to the cinema just under this building to see Taken 3.  Pretty good film if you are someone who loved the first ones and just craves more,  as it’s always basically all the same stuff but thats what we love Liam Neeson for right!

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Lego Adventure – The girls in blue; take 2


So we meet the girls in blue once again and Benny’s playing the field. Pretty sure they are different girls this time too.  But hey we like a laugh and some free stuff 🙂 

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Only in Japan! – The girls in blue


Yup!  Only in Japan will girls dressed in blue come up to you at a bar, offer you free packs of cigarettes,  play games, attempt some magic and fail then take Polaroid photo,  give it to us and leave..  Haha brilliant,  but wait what just happened?!  Although safe to say when a finger fell out of her handbag and rolled on the floor I was relieved when I found it was just a prop for a magic trick that clearly didn’t go to plan haha

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