My Bucket Lists


So I have learnt recently that setting goals is a great way to start building the necessary steps to achieving your dreams, so here I have been slowly compiling my bucket list. It will always be growing changing and updating but will always be my hub for inspiration and memory’s. When I accomplish something from my list I will put a tick next to it and look out for a link to the story for more information.

I’m not sure if I will be able to do everything on this list but it will be sure nice to try and also just as nice to hear the stories from people who have done things similar. What would be even more awesome is if anyone has any suggestions for the list or wants to come do one with me!

I have split my bucket list into categories, makes it easier for me to find things.

I have: Places to visit, Things I Gotta Do, Animal Antics, Skills, Promises, Help for Others, Tasty Treats, Not So Tasty, Projects to Build



My Bucket of Places to visit

  1. See and feel the beautiful magic that is the Aurora Borealis *(but shhh, best not speak of it or the natives say you can scare it away!)
  2. Sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere with no tent
  3. One day I’ll fly first class and make full use of their free bar
  4. Go to a Colosseum and have pretend fight with toy swords
  5. Go to a volcano on a hunt for real red hot lava
  6. Go volcano-boarding in Leon
  7. Go superman zip lining over the waterfalls at Lake Sebu in the Philippines
  8. Trek through the amazon rain-forest and put those bear grylls skills to the test
  9. Take a shower in a waterfall, best choose a hot country for this one
  10. Relax in a natural volcanic hot spring, preferably with monkeys in Japan
  11. Float around in the dead sea
  12. Walk on the great wall of china
  13. Tour the temples in Kyoto, Japan
  14. Be part of the tomato fight in spain and while I’m covered in half the ingredients I may aswell learn how to salsa too
  15. See Japan in cherry blossom and pretend it’s snowing
  16. Go do some extreme tubing/drinking in Loas
  17. Hike and swim in some hidden waterfalls and underground lakes in Brazils Chapada Diamantina
  18. Suit up in neon paint in Thailand for the Full moon party
  19. Climb Mt Fuji in Japan
  20. Stay in a Japanese Capsule hotel
  21. Go to Oktoberfest in Germany and if my companion agrees, lederhosen might be a must
  22. Try comprehend the Robot Restaurant in Japan
  23. Armed with some crampons and axes, go conquer an glacier in Iceland
  24. Gotta go dressed up for a comicon and possibly pretend to be tv presenters so we can ask people funny questions
  25. Hike the Inca Trail in Peru
  26. Feel like Indian Jones and check out the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala
  27. Stare contently out of the windows for week on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  28. Get some food from the floating markets in Thailand
  29. See the thriving wildlife of the Galápagos Islands
  30. Go on a safari in Africa and realize how we are not top of the food chain
  31. Make it to Everest base camp
  32. Get a mustang or a camper and do an American road trip
  33. Hand glide off the stunning hills in Rio
  34. Go to Thailand and find ‘the island’ from the film and imagine I’ve stumbled upon paradise minus the tourists…that or we recreate the scene with shark bite and freak them all out.



My Bucket of Things I Gotta Do

  1. Have the hamster experience of zorbing down a hill
  2. Chuck myself off something tall and hope there’s a bungee rope attached
  3. Live the childhood dream and become a spaceman or hopefully experience zero gravity without losing my lunch.
  4. ✓ Find out how you ride these crazy Segway contraptions
  5. Go fly boarding and see how it feel to become the water version of iron man
  6. Have a flight in a helicopter, ideally not because of a mountain rescue but that does tick another bucket for a near death experience
  7. Go for a drive with the passenger blindfolded giving directions and see where we end up
  8. Go sailing and one day go tropical island hopping and of course raise my own pirate flag
  9. Build 2 massive forts out of furniture, blankets and pillows and wage ware with elastic band weapons and kamikaze paper planes
  10. Go paragliding or microlighting
  11. Have the perfect kiss underwater
  12. Add a lock to the lovers bridge in paris
  13. Take somebody on walk through a city drawing cartoons and arrows along the way and then leave a pile of chalk at the end for whoever chose to follow our trail.
  14. Have a paint fight
  15. Get enough stamps in my passport that I need a new one
  16. ✓ Go on an off-roading adventure
  17. Go on an off-roading adventure and get stuck to get the ingenuity flowing
  18. Have a mud fight
  19. Scare myself senseless on the side of a mountain for via ferrata let the views take my breath away
  20. ✓ Drive a skidoo
  21. ✓ Go huski do sledding
  22. Go white water rafting
  23. Go paintballing
  24. Ride a jetski
  25. Master the art of chopsticks, that means not only grabbing but cutting
  26. Go sand-boarding
  27. Sleep beneath the stars in a desert
  28. Try out sleeping on the streets in another country
  29. Stay a night at the Ritz
  30. Go para-sailing
  31. ✓ Race some decent go-karts
  32. Go out to the beach with someone late at night and have a picnic in the dark and wait for the sun to rise
  33. Learn to drift because cars are more fun sideways
  34. Take a helicopter ride  to an untouched mountain of fresh fluffy snow and ride a sick line on my snowboard.
  35. ✓ Crowd surf at a music festival
  36. ✓ Be an extra in tv show or a film
  37. Go skinny dipping under the stars
  38. Land a 360 kickflip on a skateboard
  39. Jump of a bridge on a swing setup
  40. Do a road trip in a campervan
  41. Gamble in vegas when im earning enough to not notice a few grand missing
  42. Shoot an the biggest calibre gun I’m allowed to and aim for.. Well, not punching my own face off from the kickback
  43. Experience an earthquake
  44. Have a near death experience and come out fine or be declared legally dead for a second or two.. Because hey, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?!
  45. Survive and thrive on a desert island with a good knife and some ingenuity

My Bucket of Animal Antics

  1. Swim with aquatic pigs
  2. Ride an elephant and become pals for live
  3. Be big spoon or little spoon with a tiger..
  4. Convince a wild animal to eat from my hand
  5. Swim with dolphins and give talking dolphin ago to
  6. Shake hands with a monkey
  7. Be the third hump on a camel and hope I don’t get spat on
  8. Find out how scary it is to swim with sharks while listening to the jaws theme tune
  9. Be lucky enough to witness bio-luminescent critters like fire fly’s or the sea the glows in the dark
  10. See the all the colours of the rainbow at once snorkeling or diving in the ocean
  11. Watch some lil turtles hatch and run for the ocean
  12. Tickle a wild whale in mexico (This is actually possible !)
  13. Cuddle a koala bear
  14. Trek with an Inuit guide to see Polar bears face to face in Manitoba
  15. Have an animal photobomb the perfect photo
  16. Dress up as a penguin and join a group huddle


My Bucket of Skills

  1. ✓  Get a degree! – As of 2014 I am a bachelor of engineering in robotics
  2. Learn how to surf well enough so I stop drinking sea water
  3. Learn game design with Lewis
  4. Learn adobe light room with Dale
  5. Have a day messing around learning some film techniques with Mark
  6. Learn how to do a front flip
  7. Learn how to flip on a snowboard
  8. Learn a nice song on the piano
  9. Learn how to play the ukelele
  10. Learn how to draw some fun cartoons
  11. Train and run the london marathon for a charity or at least run in a Santa marathon
  12. Learn how to scuba dive so I can finally explore a whole new world of brightly coloured underwater life
  13. Work out how to play chess and maybe I could use some of that winning quick forward planning in my life
  14. ✓  Fly a glider
  15. Pull some G’s in a power plane
  16. Fly a helicopter
  17.  ✓ Actually finish reading my first book.. Yeah I’ve been all the way through university and never finished a book front to back. Time to change that!
  18. Write my own book, ok it’s a tall order since I don’t read! (this one I feel is for the very distance future)
  19. Do public speaking in front of a hundred+ crowd. Ok this terrifies me, which is a great reason for why I have to learn to overcome it!
  20. Learn how to appreciate wine and not become a snob about it! (probably best to move on from my uni appreciation of the alcohol volume to price ratio and maybe look into the flavour instead)
  21. Learn how to meditate. It seems like such impossible task for my hyperactive mind so I feel l should make some time for it.
  22. Learn some real dance moves
  23. Learn enough Japanese to have meaningful conversations
  24. Master cocktails and bar flares tricks
  25. Learn some fun magic tricks


My Bucket of Promises

So these are some personal things I need to do and I definitely wont forget my promises now they are online. Hopefully see you in the future guys !

And anyone else is more than welcome to talk travel plans with me too.

  1. Go on a skiing holiday with Becky and hopefully the rest of the uni gang
  2. Definitely need a snowboarding holiday with Luke
  3. Go on an awesome adventure with Hannah
  4. One day go to the airport with a girlfriend and pick the cheapest flight to ANYWHERE!
  5. Visit my old tech teacher Mr Musty and the Technician Gary for a chat and a thank you.
  6. Visit my photography teachers Mr Marks and My Erye and catch up
  7. Meet Louise somewhere in the world and give our travel insurance a run for their money by using our policy cover as a bucket list
  8. Explore Antarctica with Jack, huskies and Snowboards

My Bucket of Help for Others

  1. ✓ Run for charity
  2. ✓ Abseil for charity
  3. Hike a mountain for charity
  4. Run again for charity
  5. When I’m having a good day share it by buying a stranger coffee
  6. Overcome my fear of needles and give blood
  7. Hopefully be somewhere at the right time to save a life
  8. Hone my skills so I could help and mentor someone
  9. Volunteer in my own country for work
  10. Volunteer for work abroad to help
  11. ✓ Throw my own mini festival! –  It was some of the best days of my life
  12. Design, create or do something to help make a difference to the world
  13. Help someone else fulfill some of their bucket list goals

My Bucket of Tasty Treats

Whole lot more to be added to this yet!

  1. Experience a real curry from India
  2. Try kangaroo meat in Australia
  3. ‘Pop another shrimp on the barbie’ in Australia
  4. ✓Try sushi in Japan
  5. Try kobe beef in Japan
  6. Be wowed by the crazy flaming knife skills of a Teppanyaki chef
  7. Make my own hog roast and get that perfect crackling for all to enjoy
  8. Go to India and try being a vegetarian for a few weeks, it will interesting but I could never really give up meat!

My Bucket of The Not So Tasty

Ok, so I’m trying to reduce the list of things I don’t like in the world of food and open up my taste buds, the basic rule is; if someone tells me the really like something I have to try it out. It gets a tick off the list when I’ve learnt to enjoy it. It especially important when its a regional or specialist food to a country, If that country serves the best version of it, I hope I can appreciate how great it is. Hence why my ‘training’ is important ha

  1. ✓Chili
  2. ✓Olives
  3. ✓Sweetcorn
  4. Avocado
  5. Horseradish
  6. Wasbi
  7. Liver
  8. Miso
  9. Bushtucker

My Bucket of Projects to Build

  1. A giant human hamster wheel dynamo to power a tv in our shed
  2. Hand carve a wooden wind turbine
  3. Design my own house with slides and secret rooms and much more
  4. Make a zipline
  5. Make a treehouse village connected by rope bridges (I succeed when I have a treehouse tavern and a hot tub)
  6. Build a shepherds hut
  7. Build and fly a kit helicopter.. What?!.. Mark Evans sure makes it look easy.
  8. Design my own perfect 3D robotics memento tattoo that I’ll never regret
  9. Dig out a slip and slide/ toboggan run into a hill

4 thoughts on “My Bucket Lists

  1. zupher

    Wow!!! Amazing list!!


    • Thank you very much zupher! Have you got a list or ever thought of making one?

      Liked by 1 person

      • zupher

        Hiihi…always wanted to make a list. But never got around to properly documented it like yours. My list for now only exist in my mind. 😂😂


      • Haha yes mine was very much a mental list too before I started traveling but then then I realised there isn’t much space in my head aha. So i begun writing it down, more the merrier, makes it more fun to cross off!! 😉


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