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#Day70 #365JosHappyDays – Heart attack ended, I found my sd card!


Well surprisingly filled up this 64gb card and then I managed to go loose it or at least thought I did. At this point all I could think about is all the memories lost. (I rely on photos, videos and my blog, it can transport you back to the moment and activate all that lost euphoria, most effective form of time travel I’ve found yet ha)

When somethings not in my possession and I’m too far away to look for it I end up in some kind of purgatory state of both reluctant acceptance and hope, it feels like ‘schrodinger’s cat’ it’s both lost for eternity and safe somewhere. And luckily in my case after few days of this wondering I found it tucked away at my aunts.

But also I while we’re both here I would just like to say that card reader is so handy! If you can’t tell from the picture is has the micro USB port for my phone and then regular USB port for the computer.  Makes editing so much easier and quicker for me as my old phone didn’t have a sd slot. However only downside is its so damn tiny! I’ve now attached it to one of those neck landyard things so I can actually see it if it falls on the floor.

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#Day11 #365JosHappyDays – Lost and found

So as I had a Sunday to myself I thought I would go get some breakfast then it must have given me some energy and courage as I decided to wonder off up the road for a mile or two with retaining only the vague memory or a map after my battery had died. But I soon found myself flooded with nostalgia again as I saw the Mori tower (bottom right photo) which used to be my old landmark for its bright blue pulsing lights at night that could be seen from of skyscraper. And from there I managed a round trip from Shibuya to Roppongi and without doing the same road twice or getting lost 🙂


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