Hey everybody my name is Tom Joslin and this is my travel blog!

This is my first blog so I am open to any suggestions and welcome all your stories please!

A bit about me:
Never know how to write these things so its probably best you meet me to decide yourself since my personality flourishes best when I am around other great people. Generally I love being outside and being part of the action, I like to have fun and laugh at anything possible, I aim to entertain and I sleep well knowing everyone’s happy.

A ‘vague’ attempt at summarizing my life goals:
I want to go everywhere, love everything, meet everyone, do everything, help anyone, enjoy everything, learn everything, make everything, taste everything and yes that includes the weird stuff. My rule here is I will try anything even if I don’t like it so long as the person inviting me is passionate about the food or activity then I’ve got the inspiration from them and patience to learn to enjoy it too.

(Why? Because life more fun with no limitations and when everyone is happy! + Laugh at your mistakes and embrace the bad times so you know how lucky you are when the good times come along!)

*For a more specific and precise attempt of my life goals check out my ever growing bucket lists.

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  1. Just nominated you for an award!


    Part of the things you have to do now is answer these questions!

    What is your favourite song?

    Your biggest wish?

    What is one thing you want to do before the end of this year?

    Where have you travelled?

    Your favourite gift you’ve ever received?

    The best memory?

    Dream home?

    Cat or dog person?

    Tell your kids Santa is real or let them work it out for themselves?

    Dance like a fool, or don’t dance at all?

    The one band you want to see live?


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