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#Day9 #365JosHappyDays – Hello 3D Printer!


Feels good to be finally introduced to the 3D printer I recommended to them last year.  I’ve got some more calibration and optimisation to do yet but a couple days in and we’ve got it printing the peices to a hand! Excited 😀 If anyone is interested in getting a printer feel free to ask me anything, this is an Ultimaker 2 but I’ve researched allot recently so there’s a few I might recommend.

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Japan – Safe, Sound & Excited!

Right just so everybody knows, I have made it to Japan safe and sound 🙂
Also things are now 10x more exciting!  Especially when Zach my boss greets me wielding a print out of my own bucket list as an out a work itinerary!!
Feeling very welcomed and eager to get the office in a moment to get tinkering with the 3d printer 😀 

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