#Day40 #365JosHappyDays – Made it on the plane by the skin of my teeth!


Well if you ever get to the airport really early and need to kill a few hours; The adrenaline of sorting out a little dilemma like when the staff tell you, you are not aloud on the flight sure makes the time fly!

The problem was I didn’t have an onward ticket out of Malaysia which I was fairly condifident Malaysia wouldn’t care about (and I was right they didn’t care). Japan however and the Air Asia check in desk were very adimant I wasn’t getting on that flight unless I brought a ticket right there and then or I had £350 in cash (to prove I could buy one on arrival).

This might be alright for the average traveler but I’m a cheap backpacker that made sure I spent every last cent of my Japanese yen in duty free on some magic pens and the rest in the charity box. I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to being stung with airport cashpoints with and currency exchanges so that was not part of the deal for me.
After some running around and talking to some managers and hearing many more times that “you won’t be on this flight sir” we finally got to a solution. When I ultimately I found out they would expect any currency and best of all hadn’t a clue of any exchange rates (so I got to make them up.. In my favour!)
Luckily I had tiny bits of cash prepared for other countries I was heading for (only really enough for some snacks on arrival haha)

So in the end I got by with 50 pounds, 200 Malaysian ringgit, 40 Australian dollars, 700 Thai baht, 250 Indian rupees and a signed document that’s it’s not the airports fault for letting me fly haha.
Comes to a total of about £120 but shhh 🙂

I was definitely relieved once I got on that plane! Note to everyone bring cash or an onward ticket to any country you go to.  Travel safe!

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#Day39 #365JosHappyDays – Matsuya – Cheap Eats!

Matsuya –  I walked by this place and saw their menu last night and thought I couldn’t go wrong with a beef meal set for just 500yen that’s like £3! I went in and had the large and ever so slightly more expensive chili dish at 550yen which was just a big bowl and some miso soup but it was so good (and cheap) I came back for lunch the next day to try the regular meal set.  Which was actually even better,  it came with soup, salad, rice and the meat and 80yen for kinda sour and spicy dish of kimchi (that lil red dish of veg). They all come with unlimited access to cold water or hot tea too. 

The beef dish is called Gyudon and just means beef bowl, to me some flavours tastes familiar to my mums cooking so I would say it maybe has, onion, garlic, ginger and yellow bean paste. I loved it taste and it’s nothing weird so I’m sure any westerner would too.  It’s a safe bet and definitely worth a try and with there stores being all over Tokyo it shouldn’t be hard to find especially with Google.

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Tokyo International Gift Show

Well this place was great, best colouring I’ve done since I was 5 haha! Allot of innovative products on display here for prospective buyers and distributors, then me the foreigner wondering around asking questions and apparently giving off some kinda big buying vibe as they quite liked to give me free samples. I even got offered a fish to take home! I was almost going to take him just for fun, then free him to the ocean before I realised.. Salt water would kill poor Ralph and the sink was no dignified home either. 

Also found the best crayon ever, it draws rainbows! 

I’ve never seen anybody in such impressive balloon clothing either,  best I could make was a sword!

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Luckiness confirmed

So this was my original post, and it was dam tasty but I had no idea.  #Day33 #365JosHappyDays – Japanese Menu Lucky Dip My boss saw it, then showed it to everyone at work and they were all really impressed and agreed I had manged to randomly choose the best things on the menu! Even some of their favorites, wouldn’t change a thing, looks like it really was a LUCKY dip 😀

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#Day38 #365JosHappyDays – Real Life Dragonball Showdown – Only In Japan!

Haha so this definitely made my day, PS4 really know how to advertise in Japan! On my walk about Shibuya today there’s been allot going on I’ve seen massive queues of people every where, not sure why. I saw in Tokyo Hands they had a boy band in whispering things into school girls ears on TV.. Or kissing them up against a wall..  Not sure from my angle but they were all queued up giggling away waiting for their turn while I was looking for the exit once I’d figured out the deal haha.

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#Day37 #365JosHappyDays – Karaoke!


That’s right! In true Japanese style we got on the karaoke machine after a celebratory work meal. Man I’m awful at remembering any song lyrics but sure is great fun and a brilliant form of stress relief haha 😀

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#Day36 #365JosHappyDays – The Power of Music


Love it, out on the streets of Tokyo with a mission and no time to spare. Whack on some drum an bass and I find myself running everywhere, even up big flights of stairs with plenty of energy to spare. Gotta love the power of music aye! 😀

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Tiny Planets – Utsunomiya Tower


Checking out the sights of Utsunomiya

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Romanesco Broccoli – Fibonachi Fractals


Found this in the market and I’m absolutely mesmerised by nature’s beauty right now! Fibonachi Fractals!

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#Day35 #365JosHappyDays – Building Projections

Always wanted to see one of these massive projections on the side of a building and what a building! Was lucky enough to catch it on the way out from leaving the company stand at the Tokyo gift show. These 4 upside down pyramids are the entrance to Tokyo’s biggest exhibition centre and they are built in this specific formation to symbolise.. Nah I’m just messing, nobody has a clue why it’s built like this and believe me there are some weirder looking building than this!

It’s was pretty cool but I wanted less dancing and more building manipulation and illusions to mess with ya head. I would definitely like to see it one on some older architecture and have the classic ball of light pretend to flow in and out of the windows 🙂

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