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#Day44 #365JosHappyDays – KL nightlife with a rooftop pool bar!


The night began with us gate crashing a house warming party and being warmly welcomed into his rather stunningly styled home with a great view of kl towers from the balcony.


From here we moved to a rooftop pool bar called ‘Aloft’ to meet some more friends. I find it pretty exciting going to clubs high up in the sky and open to the air, let alone it having a pool! These kinda places aren’t common in the small countryside town I come from where the tallest building is probably classed as ‘the 5 story car park’ or ‘the house furthest up the hill’.


Was a fun night being introduced to great new people and new drinking games! I’m not sure of the name but the game was pretty rhythmic and picked up in place as it went along to make it more difficult. It involved each person having a gesture associated with them. If yours came up you would have to clapp twice on the table do your gesture again clapp twice again then make someone else’s gesture to pass on the cycle. While everyone else is clapping against their hands and table to keep the rythm and increase it until someone slips up.

Which for the first 8 games was usually me! My brain just didn’t know how to handle all of it haha but it’s hilarious to watch, especially when you see people speeding through gestures such as shooting themselves and chicken dancing!

Eventually I had a glorious few seconds when I finally survived 2 rounds without being the guy that messed it up.. Time to quit while im ahead, I had already lost so much I had to borrow other people drinks ha

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Lego Adventure – Get off the Yager!

Dude you’re wired! Benny you need to get off the Jager!


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Lego Adventure – The girls in blue; take 2


So we meet the girls in blue once again and Benny’s playing the field. Pretty sure they are different girls this time too.  But hey we like a laugh and some free stuff 🙂 

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#Day12 #365JosHappyDays – Tequila face!

Roppongi, shots, getting offered a job and having a great night is my main memory before – Tequila face!


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