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Tiny Planets – Ramada Plaza Pool


My two brothers relaxing on the poolside of the Ramada Plaza hotel.

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#Day47 #365JosHappyDays – Batu Caves and Monkeys!


Me and my brother took the train out to Batu Caves today to explore the Hindu temple embedded into the cave. (if you’re afraid of the dark don’t worry, the cave has allot of natural light from openings above)  Malaysia has many caves and temples but if you are passing through KL this is an easy one worth checking out.

So I’m happy if you take me anywhere with animals.. but monkeys! I love monkeys!  Maybe because it’s my zodiac animal, maybe because we share a few hobbies like eating coconut and climbing trees or maybe just because they are so close to being little people.
However they are still wild and potentially volatile animals so I was tad scared when my brother challenged me to get as close as I could to one for a selfie. But I like to believe animals can sense I mean no harm and im not a threat so il continue attempting to make fury best friends.

I think I almost manage a smile out the monkey at one point.. But I think he’s just smiling at his coconut..


Check out the monkeys!  Just don’t startle them!  And if you plan to feed them be prepared to be swarmed and your food stolen from your hands. Ideally they should live off the land but I think it’s too late for these guys they’ve had a test of the good monkey life.

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#Day44 #365JosHappyDays – KL nightlife with a rooftop pool bar!


The night began with us gate crashing a house warming party and being warmly welcomed into his rather stunningly styled home with a great view of kl towers from the balcony.


From here we moved to a rooftop pool bar called ‘Aloft’ to meet some more friends. I find it pretty exciting going to clubs high up in the sky and open to the air, let alone it having a pool! These kinda places aren’t common in the small countryside town I come from where the tallest building is probably classed as ‘the 5 story car park’ or ‘the house furthest up the hill’.


Was a fun night being introduced to great new people and new drinking games! I’m not sure of the name but the game was pretty rhythmic and picked up in place as it went along to make it more difficult. It involved each person having a gesture associated with them. If yours came up you would have to clapp twice on the table do your gesture again clapp twice again then make someone else’s gesture to pass on the cycle. While everyone else is clapping against their hands and table to keep the rythm and increase it until someone slips up.

Which for the first 8 games was usually me! My brain just didn’t know how to handle all of it haha but it’s hilarious to watch, especially when you see people speeding through gestures such as shooting themselves and chicken dancing!

Eventually I had a glorious few seconds when I finally survived 2 rounds without being the guy that messed it up.. Time to quit while im ahead, I had already lost so much I had to borrow other people drinks ha

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#Day43 #365JosHappyDays – Finding some fiery street food – Cheap Eats!


So today I left the comfort of the hotel pool in attempt to find some lunch. It didn’t take long at all (5 minutes walk)  before I came across maybe 8 street food or hawker stalls lining the edge of the road. They looked pretty permanent with big water tanks boosted into the jungly trees above and sinks set up bellow. Clearly this is not one of the cleanest establishments I’ve eaten at but If you’re a true foodie it’s never about stars but all about taste *(and ideally it not killing you, but you got to toughen up somehow).

So I went right in at the deep end of risky food with a spicy seafood dish that had probably been cooked sometime morning. Tasted pretty good but it won’t stop my search for better and fresher! What did the trick was I’ve been longing for some chilli after the lack of it in all Japanese food. So when the women sensed I was foreign and quite kindly started picking out the chilli’s I had to stop her there and ask her for more haha 

For anyone that does get affected by chilli’s quickly you might want to note the drink I had ‘ice lemon’ will first be served boiling hot with ice to kill any impurities, so let it cool a bit first before you go for that refreshing gasp.

Oh and finally you can’t complain at 6 ringgit for a meal and a drink, that’s about £1.10!  + it didn’t kill me either or make me ill for that matter. 

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