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#Day76 #365JosHappyDays – Went for walk through Malaysia, didn’t get mugged!

Ok so this might not be the best of accomplishments but nobody really walks anywhere in this country unless you’re either a tourist or can’t afford a car. Which usually puts people on motorbikes in right the middle; as well equipped for a mugging.

Anyway with that being said I found a nice scenic motorcycle path alongside the river that crossed over and took me straight to mid valley mall without walking on any main roads. I walked it with a cautious one earphone out to listen for my possible oncoming motorbike muggers.

So I had a pretty safe journey and most of my possessions are attached to me so I was more intrigued into how this motorcyclist would fly off his bike or if I would fly with it?!  Either way I don’t like to enduce unessesary fear upon myself without reason, so until the dreadful day comes when It happens I would like to think positively. It may never happen and when it does.. Maybe I will come out on top? Or maybe I will just learn a valuable listen and ideally without getting stabbed. But without being racist generally everyone I see on bikes a skinny Indian men, which look another less intimidating than the big black guys I’m used to in Bristol.

So I hope for the best and to learn from my experiences. I’ll call myself an idiot; not if it happens but if I let it happen again!

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#Day11 #365JosHappyDays – Lost and found

So as I had a Sunday to myself I thought I would go get some breakfast then it must have given me some energy and courage as I decided to wonder off up the road for a mile or two with retaining only the vague memory or a map after my battery had died. But I soon found myself flooded with nostalgia again as I saw the Mori tower (bottom right photo) which used to be my old landmark for its bright blue pulsing lights at night that could be seen from of skyscraper. And from there I managed a round trip from Shibuya to Roppongi and without doing the same road twice or getting lost 🙂


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