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#Day55 #365JosHappyDays – Playing some pool with Mabel


Had a great evening playing pool with Mabel, although I’ve never lost so many times to a girl before! Guess there’s a first for everything, good thing I didn’t put any money or drinks on it ha. She told me during her time in Australia she’s managed to hustle a few people so I don’t feel too bad that my pool skills/luck failed me this time.

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#Day94 #365JosHappyDays – Went to go see my grandma and this time she didn’t call me a girl!


Well it’s always nice to be called beautiful but I would prefet if I wasn’t called a beautiful girl..  Thanks grandma! But il cut you some slack since you’re doing great for 98 🙂  But progress, as this visit she remembered me as Thomas and even asked when I was going to Japan, I was impressed.  But not as impressed as she was with our holiday pictures,  we showed her our time white water rafting and my time on a island near by.  She had a lovely reaction of saying what a wonderful house we have, so lucky to have such nice things in your garden!

Well it’s nice to know she’s proud of us even if it is a little misinterpreted, don’t worry grandma owning an island is already one of my goals in life!  Il just be sure too look for one with a river too ha 🙂

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#Day54 #365JosHappyDays – Hot springs at the Lost world of tambun

What a great evening of splashing around at the hot springs and note a cool evening is most definitely needed for this, some are really HOT!  I’m not sure if this section is open during the daytime but you would have a to be just a little insane to take a dunk during the day. The place has a few pools at different temperatures along with hot tubs, waterfalls, erupting volcanoes,  caves and allsorts of other things making for a good adventure and fun to explore. *Although watch out for the path of upturned pebbles, we had a race around it and it was not massaging at all more just excruciatingly painful!

I went along with my brother and met up with some of his friends, don’t worry they aren’t quite a crazy as they look, most of the time :p

Good fun with some great company, cheers!

Price: 20RM or £4
Location: Ipoh, Malaysia
Company: Sunway – Lost world of tambun
Comments: The hot springs are only a small section of this water park and  assessment part plus a hotel and more.

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