#Day66 #365JosHappyDays – First time in a gay bar – Market Place


Well just encase anyone’s confused il start by saying Im straight and this is my first time going along to a gay nightclub with some friends. Because well why not eh?!
.. Well actually don’t answer that, I’m sure there are endless scenarios of how it might not go as planned but I’m sure it will either make a funny story or a repressed memory?!

Anyway my night didn’t quite end up like that haha, very thankful of these lovely girls from our group sticking with me.


Well in terms of the differences I would certainly say gay guys are allot more friendly (got invited to dance a couple times). Maybe being the same gender levels the playing field a bit, no confusion on who should approach who just everyone’s happy… And also shirtless, allot of shirtless men by the end of the night, yeah that happens. After that realisation I thought it was time to step down from the stage and head off for some supper.

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