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#Day90 #365JosHappyDays – Found myself a nice travel playlist to accompany my storm watching or exploring.


I like being introduced to new music and one of the easiest places for that is on 8 tracks but what makes it even better is you can find almost any playlist for for the mood you’re inor activity you plan to do.

I’m a fan of spending the time to sit back and watching what nature has around us or to even get in and be part of it. As you see by the name of this playlist ‘to wander through the elements’  that’s what it’s all about; it’s description says to be listened ‘through stormy countrysides, hazy deserts, misty cornfields, rainy streets and across the moon’ haha seems worth a listen and should make a nice addition for when glazing out of train windows.

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#Day86 #365JosHappyDays – Lightning


Enjoying watching the lightning from the pool. Might I add I wasn’t in the pool, I was reasonably safe sat by the side. However quite fortunately it never rained right where I was and I was surrounded by lightning strikes. Exciting stuff though, storms over hear are about 10 times crazier than ones back home in the UK. The strikes come down with a loud and hard roar that rumbles through the whole city.

Might I add I only captured a tiny bit of lightning here, some cover the entire skyline flooding the out of the clouds with multiple bright strikes all connecting up. If you ever find yourself near a storm definitely take the time to sit back and soak it all in.. Just ideally soak it in metaphorically and be safe behind a window or something.

Location: Ramada Plaza Hotel Pool

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