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#Day239 #365JosHappyDays – My first spider encounter


There we go now it’s starting to feel more like Australia,  been here nearly 3 weeks and only just come across angry arachnid.  Well it was probably angry as I disturbed him from his lovely warm slumber when I picked up my clothes for washing he jumped out onto my bed. 

I’m not sure if this guy bites or is even deadly (doesn’t look it) but I’m in Australia so if it has 8 legs and is messing with my personal space,  deadly or not it’s soon to be dead.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to go around hunting down spiders, if im outside.. Then yeah thats their zone and I won’t mess with them but my bed is a direct violation of my personal space, you are not getting cosy with me buddy your getting squashed!

…  (and for my cousin reading; no not squashed in the sheets, all contained nicely between a tissue and some books)

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