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#Day233 #365JosHappyDays – Only Asians would think of such a food concoction!


So I was very nicely invited to 50th wedding anniversary where I met lots of lovely extended family and friends along with a real tasty 11 course banquet dinner!  And this I where I met this friendly food combo pictured above; This is crispy almond and seafood topped with chicken skin,  yup real chicken skin. Like I said only Asians come up with these kinda funky fusions haha but I can reassure you it works, it works well, adds a nice taste and crunch along a with a mild bit of confusion. 

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#Day23 #365JosHappyDays – Bubba Gump Shrimp

“Shrimp is like fruit of the sea.  You can bbq it,  boil it,  bake it, saute it. Pan fry it,  deep fry it,  stir fry it!,  there’s garlic shrimp,  coconut shrimp “…  Haha and his list goes on – Bubba


Well always wanted to go but never thought it would be in Japan but that aside it was dammm tasty!  So much tasty shrimp, could almost cram in endless amounts of garlic butter shrimp that sauce was perfect for it mmm.  Deep fried coconut shrimp was new to me and also release ally good, adds a crisp and a sweetness. The place has a nice feel to it too, filled with old memorabilia and classic music from the era, lovely warm vibe then along comes a crazy dancing prawn !

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