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#Day28 #365JosHappyDays – Finding One Piece and the Pokemon Café!


Well I went out for a walk aiming to find Don Quito supermarket and some food. I didn’t manage that at all, still haven’t a clue where it is and then I left my wallet behind so it became a scenic shop only haha. The brightside is by accident I stumbled upon the poke much on café I’ve been looking for,  so now it’s definitely on my bucket list 😀
The food looks terrible but dammit il buy anything if it’s made in the shape of a pikachu!

The whole 6th floor the Parco department store was filled with Anime shops too. I found a whole shop dedicated to my favorite: One Piece,  it’s all about some pirates with weird and crazy powers with eccentric  characters to match! Definitely worth a watch,  really funny and gripping. There is a really well dubbed english version too so no excuses 🙂  It’s the one I’ve been watching and I can’t wait to watch it all over again once I’ve learnt Japanese 😀

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