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#Day41 #365JosHappyDays – Love a good window seat and reunited with my brother.


I always enjoy seeing things from a different perspective and the timing of my plane journey was quite magical; I got to leave Japan lit up in all its neon glory at night and arrive in Malaysia just as it turned from darkness to sunrise. It’s fascinating seeing the lights of cities and roads from afar, almost looks like one massive living organism bounded by the oceans on either side.

It’s not something I was quite able to get a picture of as the night capabilities of my camera are dying unfortunately but it is something I really recommend getting a window seat for! It’s not something a static picture can convey; the feeling as you fly and gain altitude while the scenery is ever changing perspective can be an extraordinary feeling. A fun challenge is to try and distinguish exactly it is you are looking at. As what once felt like a big concrete jungle now looks as if you could run to the opposite coast of the island in under 20 minutes.

Once I arrived my brother kindly found me at the train station, took me for a quick bite to eat then dropped me off at his sweet looking pad before heading off to work. I’m damn impressed big bro; got himself an apartment in a swish hotel building with all the perks and less of the cost.


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#Day24 #365JosHappyDays – My favourite building


Reunited up close to one of my favourite land marks the mori tower in Roppongi hills. Always loved it’s blue lights that pulse up and down and the fact I could usually see it from anywhere in Tokyo… Plus Roppongi marked a fun night out for drinking too!

But that night was not the case,  we went to the cinema just under this building to see Taken 3.  Pretty good film if you are someone who loved the first ones and just craves more,  as it’s always basically all the same stuff but thats what we love Liam Neeson for right!

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