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#Day230 #365JosHappyDays – Fresh juicy strawberries from a farm by the road


We were coming back from our mini Road trip to Yanchep when my friend Floor’s eagal eye’s spotted a sign for strawberries she quickly asked “shall we stop?” before I could say yes we were turning in and it was one of the best decisions I’ve never made Haha. 

Things don’t get much better and more satisfying than spontaneous fruits stops straight from the source!  These were big, red, juicy strawberries and some were almost the size of my fist!

Now I don’t really suffer from homesickness but maybe it’s the little nostalgic treats like these that is my cure. As with just a taste it can bring me back home to a happy memory my friends fruit farm in the hills of Devon. 

Who knows maybe when I make it back home to the uk my first strawberry will take me back to this awesome day,  I do enjoy how our minds make such associations.  It really was a great day too look out for my posts coming soon of Yanchep National Park where we got real lucky with some animals sightings :mrgreen:

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#Day231 #365JosHappyDays – That glorious feeling of waking up before your alarm


Such a great feeling of waking up fresh, ready, with time to spare and also the comfort of knowing you can now safely deactivate your 4 back up alarms.

After being a uni student you go through the stage of realising you can sleep through even the most brutal of alarms sounds when you are tired enough. (and for the unlucky individuals that usually comes after an several allnighters with a essay due a matter of hours,  my advise never nap!) However I usually have luck on my side and get things done on time nowadays but I must have had some some extra this morning 🙂

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