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Luckiness confirmed

So this was my original post, and it was dam tasty but I had no idea.  #Day33 #365JosHappyDays – Japanese Menu Lucky Dip My boss saw it, then showed it to everyone at work and they were all really impressed and agreed I had manged to randomly choose the best things on the menu! Even some of their favorites, wouldn’t change a thing, looks like it really was a LUCKY dip 😀

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Romanesco Broccoli – Fibonachi Fractals


Found this in the market and I’m absolutely mesmerised by nature’s beauty right now! Fibonachi Fractals!

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Only in Japan! – Where the vending machines have more than everything you need!

That’s right you can get; Hot drinks, Cold drinks,  Alcoholic drinks, Cigarettes, Popcorn and even cooked foods like pizza! But the weirdest of all….girls used underwear?! Wtf Japan?

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#Day33 #365JosHappyDays – Japanese Menu Lucky Dip


Well this was a fun game, I have pretty much no ability to read Japanese and in here on my own sooo…  Let’s play lucky dip!  It actually went pretty well, first off with my basic Japanese I could handle getting a beer, chips and some fried chicken. (biru, potaeto, tori.. really not that hard aye!) But the fun begun with pretty much calling the waitress over and pointing at random things on the menu,  smiling and nodding, then waiting eagerly to find out if what I’ve ordered is even edible!… First guess nope no edible,  but however was quite drinkable : a whiskey hill ball 🙂  OK so now I’ve established that page one is probably all drinks and over to page 2 where I upped my game and ordered a tomato salad, weirdly the most expensive thing I bought! Next up I saw 200yen with some downward writing n thought/hoped it was Sushi,  took a risk there as it was the cheapest thing on the page, could have been drinks again but I won that round wooohoo!



So I came for the cheap beer (180yen = about £1!), but I stayed for the cute barmaid ahaha!
Everybody this is Yuee-chan 🙂


I’m impressed with their cheep beer though, check out the machine that pours the perfect pint. It tips the glass so it runs so smooth without throff that they actually require a second nozzle to finish that puts the head on ha. 
Well done Japan..

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#Day32 #365JosHappyDays – Tasty Street Food

Found some street stalls selling a load of treats at the entrance to a temple in Utsunomiya. Street stalls are always my favorite, love the smell of the food and being able to watch and learn the process before I choose to buy it. However in my record all the street food tastes good and is usually fairly cheap too, leaves me more money spare to try the rest 😀

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#Day28 #365JosHappyDays – Finding One Piece and the Pokemon Café!


Well I went out for a walk aiming to find Don Quito supermarket and some food. I didn’t manage that at all, still haven’t a clue where it is and then I left my wallet behind so it became a scenic shop only haha. The brightside is by accident I stumbled upon the poke much on café I’ve been looking for,  so now it’s definitely on my bucket list 😀
The food looks terrible but dammit il buy anything if it’s made in the shape of a pikachu!

The whole 6th floor the Parco department store was filled with Anime shops too. I found a whole shop dedicated to my favorite: One Piece,  it’s all about some pirates with weird and crazy powers with eccentric  characters to match! Definitely worth a watch,  really funny and gripping. There is a really well dubbed english version too so no excuses 🙂  It’s the one I’ve been watching and I can’t wait to watch it all over again once I’ve learnt Japanese 😀

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#Day26 #365JosHappyDays – Beef craving satisfied


Well, I’ve been in Japan a couple weeks now and my beef cravings started kicking in. We were going out for Sushi that evening. Although they did have steak there.. but come on that’s the easy option right?! Werhay! They have beef Sushi, perfect Japanese fusion solution 😀

I was all psyched up and prepared to eat it raw after seeing the picture, so having a little blow torch over the top gave me just the flavour I was looking for mixed with a bit of soy sauce and wasbi.  Yum

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#Day23 #365JosHappyDays – Bubba Gump Shrimp

“Shrimp is like fruit of the sea.  You can bbq it,  boil it,  bake it, saute it. Pan fry it,  deep fry it,  stir fry it!,  there’s garlic shrimp,  coconut shrimp “…  Haha and his list goes on – Bubba


Well always wanted to go but never thought it would be in Japan but that aside it was dammm tasty!  So much tasty shrimp, could almost cram in endless amounts of garlic butter shrimp that sauce was perfect for it mmm.  Deep fried coconut shrimp was new to me and also release ally good, adds a crisp and a sweetness. The place has a nice feel to it too, filled with old memorabilia and classic music from the era, lovely warm vibe then along comes a crazy dancing prawn !

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#Day22 #365JosHappyDays – Business & Bento

So this evening I got to sit in on a business meeting where every month everyone in the department all has to pitch a new product all based around how creative they could get with stain glass. And in true Japanese style I had my first business bento box. Before the meeting they are delivered and everybody chows down on one of these. For me; it all being new it was pretty fun, again I love the style of lots of small things, lots to try, lots of colours, all presented perfectly.  However with my lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity I found it to be a bit like a kid in a candy store mixed with Russian roulette,  flavours are can definitely surprise you when you expect something else!


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#Day17 #365JosHappyDays – Thank you nose

#Day17 #365JosHappyDays – Thank you nose


Walking around the shops in Chou when my nose started sniffing out something sweet warm and delicious and it was not wrong 🙂 I went for the weirdest ones I could find of course since we do get waffles at home but I’m fairly sure I’ve never seen ‘honey and custard’  or what I call “some kinda purple sweet potato”. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with purple one but it’s was quite nice and actually quite a similar taste but with more purple..? I dono feel I know have to track down purple potato on its own to compare,  I’m fairly sure they sell them on the street like a baked potato.  (it’s going on the bucket list!)


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