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#Day237 #365JosHappyDays – Perfect timing for a sunset ferry ride back to Perth from Rottnest island


Such a beautiful ride back to Perth city (which you can just make out there in the background).  Was so nice to be out in the open, I sware the natural colours come out more when there is nothing to obstruct them..  For instance this isn’t even the sunset it’s actually happening directly behind me. Check out the view when the ferry was leaving,  it was even richer i colour!


Rottnest is a beautiful island and this was by no means my happiest moment of the day, it packs so many more stunning sights all over and the last wild home to the little quokkas (kinda like mini kangaroos).  They are possibly the happiest and cutest animal I’ve seen so be sure to follow my page and look out for my full story on how awesome rottnest is :mrgreen:

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#Day51 #365JosHappyDays – We fitted 6 people and holiday luggage into a tiny micra!


OK so this still amazes me that we pull this off and in true manly fashion just as we do with grocery bags from the car “ONE trip is all we need!” Luckily it was just a matter of dropping us off at the ferry port so we could walk on, as we definitely couldn’t handle a holiday that tightly packed!

Onwards to from Penang to Langkawi we go!

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