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Tokyo International Gift Show

Well this place was great, best colouring I’ve done since I was 5 haha! Allot of innovative products on display here for prospective buyers and distributors, then me the foreigner wondering around asking questions and apparently giving off some kinda big buying vibe as they quite liked to give me free samples. I even got offered a fish to take home! I was almost going to take him just for fun, then free him to the ocean before I realised.. Salt water would kill poor Ralph and the sink was no dignified home either. 

Also found the best crayon ever, it draws rainbows! 

I’ve never seen anybody in such impressive balloon clothing either,  best I could make was a sword!

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#Day19 #365JosHappyDays – ‘Tokyo Hands’ Store, Engineers Dream


This place is incredible!  They have so many of all the crafty things I’ve wanted all in one place and more than I’ve seem before!  From Robotic gears to mini band saws, crazy driftwood,  fabrics foams and carbon fibre everything!  And that’s only the basement,  it’s a full department store with bikes, baths and bedding too.


They even have a range of tools out for you to try,  unheard of in the UK but British would royally use it to cut off its own chain and steel it.. Haha


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