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#Day233 #365JosHappyDays – Only Asians would think of such a food concoction!


So I was very nicely invited to 50th wedding anniversary where I met lots of lovely extended family and friends along with a real tasty 11 course banquet dinner!  And this I where I met this friendly food combo pictured above; This is crispy almond and seafood topped with chicken skin,  yup real chicken skin. Like I said only Asians come up with these kinda funky fusions haha but I can reassure you it works, it works well, adds a nice taste and crunch along a with a mild bit of confusion. 

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#Day46 #365JosHappyDays – Whole Joslin family reunited with the ong family.


My whole family has been born with the travel bug from the very beginning to the extent that my mum starts pretending I’ve been on holidays I haven’t;
Me: “Mum why don’t I remember Tunisia?”
Mum: “Well, actually you were in my womb at the time”
Haha great! 

Since then we’ve all ended up in different countries, parents in UK, bigger bro in Malaysia, biggest bro in Kuwait and me floating around whatever countries I can since graduation in UK last year.

It’s been a few years since all of us have been back together in the same country, making today a good day and a great start to the Chinese new year. And a nice lunch out with the ong family too, even if they do make me try a chickens foot..
You know what, it’s not too bad, any skin lover might enjoy it once you get past the bones. This one was fairly soft but turn that foot into KFC and I recon that will make me come back for a second serving.


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