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#Day238 #365JosHappyDays – Browsing some backpacker bikes


Trying to track down a cheap second hand bike  that fits within my backpacker budget, especially important since I haven’t found a found a proper job to earn it back yet! 

If you yourself are looking for one in Perth or even closer in Victoria Park, then head to movement systems.  They have a few bikes outside ranging from $100-300 maybe even less but then I don’t think I can manage on a rusty kids bike.  I would also say it’s a good idea to check Gumtree too for any local bikes being sold. However this place it’s quite used to backpackers so they guarantee they will pay 50% of what you paid back when you return it.  Which eases the mind a little, it’s like paying half price to rent it for however long your here. 

Anyway nice guys with a bit of wiggle room on price so I may be back there soon with hopefully an even happier day with my new… /old bike 🙂

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