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#Day35 #365JosHappyDays – Building Projections

Always wanted to see one of these massive projections on the side of a building and what a building! Was lucky enough to catch it on the way out from leaving the company stand at the Tokyo gift show. These 4 upside down pyramids are the entrance to Tokyo’s biggest exhibition centre and they are built in this specific formation to symbolise.. Nah I’m just messing, nobody has a clue why it’s built like this and believe me there are some weirder looking building than this!

It’s was pretty cool but I wanted less dancing and more building manipulation and illusions to mess with ya head. I would definitely like to see it one on some older architecture and have the classic ball of light pretend to flow in and out of the windows 🙂

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#Day24 #365JosHappyDays – My favourite building


Reunited up close to one of my favourite land marks the mori tower in Roppongi hills. Always loved it’s blue lights that pulse up and down and the fact I could usually see it from anywhere in Tokyo… Plus Roppongi marked a fun night out for drinking too!

But that night was not the case,  we went to the cinema just under this building to see Taken 3.  Pretty good film if you are someone who loved the first ones and just craves more,  as it’s always basically all the same stuff but thats what we love Liam Neeson for right!

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