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#Day94 #365JosHappyDays – Went to go see my grandma and this time she didn’t call me a girl!


Well it’s always nice to be called beautiful but I would prefet if I wasn’t called a beautiful girl..  Thanks grandma! But il cut you some slack since you’re doing great for 98 🙂  But progress, as this visit she remembered me as Thomas and even asked when I was going to Japan, I was impressed.  But not as impressed as she was with our holiday pictures,  we showed her our time white water rafting and my time on a island near by.  She had a lovely reaction of saying what a wonderful house we have, so lucky to have such nice things in your garden!

Well it’s nice to know she’s proud of us even if it is a little misinterpreted, don’t worry grandma owning an island is already one of my goals in life!  Il just be sure too look for one with a river too ha 🙂

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Romanesco Broccoli – Fibonachi Fractals


Found this in the market and I’m absolutely mesmerised by nature’s beauty right now! Fibonachi Fractals!

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