#Day78 #365JosHappyDays – Insightful chat with a monk and her kitty


I met this lovely woman sitting outside a mall and I thought it would be nice to say hello and have a chat. She is a Buddhist monk and this is her orphaned kitten shes recently adopted and quite nicely named ‘Gold Luck’.

Was a fascinating conversation, shes originally from Japan and since then has travelled to over 40 countries! She decided at the age of 14 she was completely satisfied with her life and nothing more could be gained so would therefore like to use her time to start helping others and her journey as a Buddhist begun.

This way of life has always interested me, sometimes it’s seems so farfetched compared to my own life and my love for gadgets but then there are aspects and values that can apply to anyone like the caring for anyone and anything. One thing I struggle to understand the most is meditation and the ability to clear the mind. It’s been one of the things I think I could find most beneficial on my bucket list. Im not sure about you guys but I for one have plenty of thoughts flying around in my head that don’t turn off with the flick of a switch. I’ve noticed while I work it can be both distracting and destructive or when I manage to channel it properly can be powerful and productive. Either way I usually end up with work I’m proud of but with the expense of time.

Shes says meditation can help achieve this focus and unlock further parts the brain while feeling a much better connection with the environment.

It may take some time but I hope one day I learn this kind of inner peace.

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#Day18 #365JosHappyDays – Got the hang of Ice Skating!

Went out to Tokyo Midtown for some ice skating and to begin with it was pretty scary,  a whole lot of uncontrollable sliding and whole lot of kids I didn’t want to crash and squash.  But in the end, after a few slips and falls we got the flow of things and could dogde around the masses of people who also knew Sunday evening would be the time to hit the ice. 


I thought I was getting pretty good until a little 10 year old girl jumps right next to me, scares the crap out of me as she does a a spin and lands backwards and skate of elegantly as I fail,  yelp and shuffle on out of the way aha

And of course what the first inevitable thing that happens when I first press record on my go pro…  10 meters later blam!  On the ice!  Haha check out the video 🙂

Ice skating In Tokyo Midtown, Japan:

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#Day14 #365JosHappyDays – Feeling astonished and privileged

#Day14 #365JosHappyDays – Feeling astonished and privileged
So what a truly incredible and insightful past couple of days, I was given the opportunity to visit and meet the people behind all the factory’s and workshops of the best in Japan. Ranging from massive machinery crashing down forging steel and making me flinch everytime from 10m away! To one signal man sat in his lounge under a heated blanket with generations of samurai knowledge and wisdom being sharpened into a fine point of a blade. Obviously no pictures are allowed from this secretive industry but to be allowed behind closed door was a serious privilege and a memorable experience. Then to make my day even better I got to live my blacksmithing dream, making a knife put of a nail! This is a great place where experts have come together trying to inspire and restore the traditional Japanese methods into the next generation before the knowledge is lost forever.


In the picture above you see the stages from nail to my kids on the right; it is heated,  flattered,  twisted,  flattered to a fine tip and shape then sanded, sandblasted,  grinded, polished and finally stamped.


And here’s my finished knife, I’m still astonished with the whole process, so much fun. It cuts paper too, I can’t wait to open a years worth of post when I return with this sucker !


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✓ Finished my first book!

So its taken me 22 years but I set my self the goal after i finished uni this year to finish a book. And here we are and I’ve finished a whole trilogy 😀 It was great really got what I wanted; A new world to explore and understand and a mystery to unwind that kept me hooked. I’ve never been drawn in by books and I’m glad after just this first my attitude to them has already changed and I am looking for to seeing what else it out there.

This new found desire to read books and my kindle come as a great tool for curing boredom while traveling. I genuinely look forward to those times where all you can do is sit and wait for a train to come along or my 2 days worth of flying coming up soon to get me to Japan via India, precious kindle time with no distractions or internet 🙂

The book by the way is the Maze Runner series by James Dashner and the picture bellow is the prequel. Its an easy and interesting read and I would recommend it.


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