Only in Japan!

#Day38 #365JosHappyDays – Real Life Dragonball Showdown – Only In Japan!

Haha so this definitely made my day, PS4 really know how to advertise in Japan! On my walk about Shibuya today there’s been allot going on I’ve seen massive queues of people every where, not sure why. I saw in Tokyo Hands they had a boy band in whispering things into school girls ears on TV.. Or kissing them up against a wall..  Not sure from my angle but they were all queued up giggling away waiting for their turn while I was looking for the exit once I’d figured out the deal haha.

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Only in Japan! – Where the vending machines have more than everything you need!

That’s right you can get; Hot drinks, Cold drinks,  Alcoholic drinks, Cigarettes, Popcorn and even cooked foods like pizza! But the weirdest of all….girls used underwear?! Wtf Japan?

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Only in Japan! – Does a policeman give me a kawaii keyring


Long story short,  I was in the Honda shop and a policeman gave me this rather adorable keyring. Not quite my style though.. Il send this one home 🙂 not that I’m challenge the Japanese police but they really don’t give off a very threatening vibe, I mean some of them are tiny and even in Japanese standards.  But I get sense that people respect the rules here oppose to needing fear of the enforcement. Probably the safest country I’ve been to.

P.s Katie would you like this?

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#Day25 #365JosHappyDays – Crazy Cosplay – Only in Japan!

And welcome to Harajuku the ‘Kawaii Capital of Japan’  Kawaii – means cute be the way and it’s pretty much what every Japanese girl* aspires to be. So it’s the top complement 😉

*As it appears the guys and old men also love to join in too! And Sunday is when the weirdos/pretty interesting cosplay people come out to quite condifidently parade around the streets. And fair play to them,  well done on being who you want to be..  Even if we’re not quite sure what that really is..


Here’s the entrance to the main street; Takeshita (apparently it means pretty much what  it sounds like to!) and nicely modeled by this dancing Alien GIF(wait for it to load)

Right bellow is some of the most weird n wonderful people that Harajuku had to offer that day! Il warn you now 3 of them are guys judging by the big hand and need for a mask some are pretty obvious then some scared me when I heard a manly grunt!

And of course I had to have a selfie with one of girls,  KAWAII!!

The next wonderful thing about this Street is that my senses were not only flooded visually but from top to bottom my nose couldn’t stop smelling the sweet taste of pancakes. So after holding back for 5 shops of delicious smells and window displays, number 6 just got to me, that and it was the only one with a queue that didn’t go around a corner!

Next I found this nice girl who gave me some samples for some sweets. I’ve found this to be quite common in Japan which is great,  I love free stuff 🙂  But what surprised me more was to actually hear Avril Lavigne in Japan,  well maybe they do like it?!

Here a few pictures of around Harajuku with a massive balloon tree! Pretty impressed by the dragonball z water and also pretty proud I didn’t fall for such marketing ploys..  This time aha

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Only In Japan! – All aboard the clown train.. Erm no!!


Seriously!  Wtf!  Was out for a walk I was out for a walk when I just glaced over and thought ‘weird looked like I just saw some creep dressed a clown stairing at me’.. I stop and look over again to check ‘Wait what, I did! Oh god there’s more of them! They’re not even moving,  are they real?!’ … ‘ahhh definitely real!’ 

Anyway..  I’m not OK with this, they were so vacant and eerie. Dam soulless clowns.. 

I came to the conclusion that it must be some kinda advertisement for a creepy clown band and not the beginning of the apocalypse. 

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Only In Japan! – Found a brilliant Game Show

Came across this on tv and had to record a few clips as its priceless, love it all! Took me while to work out what on earth the game was but i think they all perform some pretty wild and crazy arty illusions and get judged to win some big prize money. Either way these guys are geniuses at being idiots haha

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Only in Japan! – The girls in blue


Yup!  Only in Japan will girls dressed in blue come up to you at a bar, offer you free packs of cigarettes,  play games, attempt some magic and fail then take Polaroid photo,  give it to us and leave..  Haha brilliant,  but wait what just happened?!  Although safe to say when a finger fell out of her handbag and rolled on the floor I was relieved when I found it was just a prop for a magic trick that clearly didn’t go to plan haha

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