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#Day43 #365JosHappyDays – Finding some fiery street food – Cheap Eats!


So today I left the comfort of the hotel pool in attempt to find some lunch. It didn’t take long at all (5 minutes walk)  before I came across maybe 8 street food or hawker stalls lining the edge of the road. They looked pretty permanent with big water tanks boosted into the jungly trees above and sinks set up bellow. Clearly this is not one of the cleanest establishments I’ve eaten at but If you’re a true foodie it’s never about stars but all about taste *(and ideally it not killing you, but you got to toughen up somehow).

So I went right in at the deep end of risky food with a spicy seafood dish that had probably been cooked sometime morning. Tasted pretty good but it won’t stop my search for better and fresher! What did the trick was I’ve been longing for some chilli after the lack of it in all Japanese food. So when the women sensed I was foreign and quite kindly started picking out the chilli’s I had to stop her there and ask her for more haha 

For anyone that does get affected by chilli’s quickly you might want to note the drink I had ‘ice lemon’ will first be served boiling hot with ice to kill any impurities, so let it cool a bit first before you go for that refreshing gasp.

Oh and finally you can’t complain at 6 ringgit for a meal and a drink, that’s about £1.10!  + it didn’t kill me either or make me ill for that matter. 

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#Day39 #365JosHappyDays – Matsuya – Cheap Eats!

Matsuya –  I walked by this place and saw their menu last night and thought I couldn’t go wrong with a beef meal set for just 500yen that’s like £3! I went in and had the large and ever so slightly more expensive chili dish at 550yen which was just a big bowl and some miso soup but it was so good (and cheap) I came back for lunch the next day to try the regular meal set.  Which was actually even better,  it came with soup, salad, rice and the meat and 80yen for kinda sour and spicy dish of kimchi (that lil red dish of veg). They all come with unlimited access to cold water or hot tea too. 

The beef dish is called Gyudon and just means beef bowl, to me some flavours tastes familiar to my mums cooking so I would say it maybe has, onion, garlic, ginger and yellow bean paste. I loved it taste and it’s nothing weird so I’m sure any westerner would too.  It’s a safe bet and definitely worth a try and with there stores being all over Tokyo it shouldn’t be hard to find especially with Google.

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