#Day239 #365JosHappyDays – My first spider encounter


There we go now it’s starting to feel more like Australia,  been here nearly 3 weeks and only just come across angry arachnid.  Well it was probably angry as I disturbed him from his lovely warm slumber when I picked up my clothes for washing he jumped out onto my bed. 

I’m not sure if this guy bites or is even deadly (doesn’t look it) but I’m in Australia so if it has 8 legs and is messing with my personal space,  deadly or not it’s soon to be dead.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to go around hunting down spiders, if im outside.. Then yeah thats their zone and I won’t mess with them but my bed is a direct violation of my personal space, you are not getting cosy with me buddy your getting squashed!

…  (and for my cousin reading; no not squashed in the sheets, all contained nicely between a tissue and some books)

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#Day234 #365JosHappyDays – Saw a pelican by the river


Was quite a nice treat while I was walking along the river since I’ve never seen a pelican before let alone this close and they are bigger than I expected. I mean I don’t think it could eat me but I don’t wanna anger it, my head would fit in that orange abyss of a stretchy neck.

There was actually a few more of them up on the old condemned jetty there which they seem to share quite harmoniously with hundreds of other birds included ducks, seagulls, crows, cormorants and probably others.

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#Day78 #365JosHappyDays – Insightful chat with a monk and her kitty


I met this lovely woman sitting outside a mall and I thought it would be nice to say hello and have a chat. She is a Buddhist monk and this is her orphaned kitten shes recently adopted and quite nicely named ‘Gold Luck’.

Was a fascinating conversation, shes originally from Japan and since then has travelled to over 40 countries! She decided at the age of 14 she was completely satisfied with her life and nothing more could be gained so would therefore like to use her time to start helping others and her journey as a Buddhist begun.

This way of life has always interested me, sometimes it’s seems so farfetched compared to my own life and my love for gadgets but then there are aspects and values that can apply to anyone like the caring for anyone and anything.¬†One thing I struggle to understand the most is meditation and the ability to clear the mind. It’s been one of the things I think I could find most beneficial on my bucket list. Im not sure about you guys but I for one have plenty of thoughts flying around in my head that don’t turn off with the flick of a switch. I’ve noticed while I work it can be both distracting and destructive or when I manage to channel it properly can be powerful and productive. Either way I usually end up with work I’m proud of but with the expense of time.

Shes says meditation can help achieve this focus and unlock further parts the brain while feeling a much better connection with the environment.

It may take some time but I hope one day I learn this kind of inner peace.

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#Day81 #365JosHappyDays – Terrance the Tree Frog


Found this little guy on the wall outside, I’ve named him Terrance the tree frog.
It’s surprising what comes in from the jungle near by sometimes. Apparently my uncle once helped a neighbour with a massive python that got a little bit lost. I think he would have kept it too if it wasn’t the perfect size to eat their cat and dog!

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#Day48 #365JosHappyDays – The happy face of Snowy the dog


Travelled down to ipoh today to see our family and I think this adorable perky pooch Snowy was just as happy to see us again too.


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#Day47 #365JosHappyDays – Batu Caves and Monkeys!


Me and my brother took the train out to Batu Caves today to explore the Hindu temple embedded into the cave. (if you’re afraid of the dark don’t worry, the cave has allot of natural light from openings above)  Malaysia has many caves and temples but if you are passing through KL this is an easy one worth checking out.

So I’m happy if you take me anywhere with animals.. but monkeys! I love monkeys!  Maybe because it’s my zodiac animal, maybe because we share a few hobbies like eating coconut and climbing trees or maybe just because they are so close to being little people.
However they are still wild and potentially volatile animals so I was tad scared when my brother challenged me to get as close as I could to one for a selfie. But I like to believe animals can sense I mean no harm and im not a threat so il continue attempting to make fury best friends.

I think I almost manage a smile out the monkey at one point.. But I think he’s just smiling at his coconut..


Check out the monkeys!  Just don’t startle them!  And if you plan to feed them be prepared to be swarmed and your food stolen from your hands. Ideally they should live off the land but I think it’s too late for these guys they’ve had a test of the good monkey life.

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