#Day80 #365JosHappyDays – Haggled myself a new phone at Lowyat mall – Thee place to buy in KL

After pretty much a whole afternoons worth of haggling at lowyat mall I came out with a new Sony Xperia Z3 plus a bunch of extras.

Lowyat is one thee places to for electronics you just gotta know your stuff and ideally have a local to speak the language (they all speak English but a locals get the good deals). Also gotta keep watch what your buying isnt either fake, or smuggled which should be a case of asking if it has original warranty.

This could well be my perfect phone for travel blogging…  I will have to get back to you on that one after some proper use.

But it’s stacks up well for me so far, its meant to have one of the best cameras. Usually I love my dlsr but I’ve abandoned it for travelling as I found while I was at home my phone was just always with me when it mattered so in that sense got the best shots.

However my old phone HTC one m7, camera is super sharp and you should buy it in a heart beat, best phone ever for me but lacking in a few specs that would enhance my blogging/make it faster.

With my new phone I can now use kinemaster video editing software at 1080 instead waiting for files to convert to 720.
Also any editing takes allot phone juice especially when you’ve got harddrive and sd cards plugged in like me but now I have a magnetic charger on the side so I can do it all simultaneously without losing power!

Anyway will talk more about this magic cable and the phone on another post when I’ve established if it is the perfect travel phone.

Oh yeah and its waterproof so it’s crying out for me to take it on an adventure!

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