#Day50 #365JosHappyDays – Chinese new year with the family.


Well this is definitely my favourite Chinese new year celebration; for one we’ve made it to Malaysia and two we’ve got all the family together. Haven’t had this size reunion for around 10 years so you can imagine how many times I got the classic “aww when I saw you last, you were only thisssss tall!”. Well I can safely say I don’t think I can get any taller so there will be no chance of that happening next time. Since we have some new lil editions to the family looks like I can being the one doing it, maybe il evening throw in a cheek pinch to be the best annoying uncle haha.

But that aside it really was lovely to see everyone and the smiles continued off camera aha

So as with most Asian traditions it’s revolves around the food and my auntie cooked up a feast of delicious dishes, look how many there are!


One of my favourite dishes is Yee Sang, it’s a kind of salad thats had before the meal. Everyone gets in with their chopsticks to mix it together and wish prosperous things upon each other and I’ve been told the higher you go the more prosperous it becomes! I do love to play with my food but it also tastes great too, it’s that cleansing citrus taste that means I’m usually the one scooping off the very last bits.

I couldn’t exactly tell you wants in it other than shredded veg, salmon, grapefruit, sesame oil,   syrup, then red bits, green bits, crispy bits and much more..  All about those crispy bits though! Mmm.


Sadly this dish is only eaten one time of the year but at we had it with every relative we met for dinner of that period so I had it maybe 3 or 4 times! 😀

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