#Day42 #365JosHappyDays – Free time to read about jet packs by the pool.


After working in the freezing cold snowy temperatures of Japan for the last month it’s nice to have an afternoon relaxing by the pool reading my book. The Malaysian heat was perfectly comfortable for me on an overcast day but once that sun peaks through the clouds I can almost feel myself sizzle. However I think some people can’t wait to be cooked judging by the woman baby oiled up across from me.

So for anyone interested this is 4th book I’m reading in my push to gain some new skills in the last year.  The book is called the ridiculous race and it’s about a couple comedians that challenged each other to a race around the world with no aeroplanes. One of them got a little bit excited with his loop hole in the rules with a jet pack was possible he forgot to ask the designer the flight time (.. All or 30 seconds + likely a loss of limbs).

It’s been a fairly amusing read so far but il let you know if I recommend it once I’ve finished.

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