Only in Japan! – Does a policeman give me a kawaii keyring


Long story short,  I was in the Honda shop and a policeman gave me this rather adorable keyring. Not quite my style though.. Il send this one home 🙂 not that I’m challenge the Japanese police but they really don’t give off a very threatening vibe, I mean some of them are tiny and even in Japanese standards.  But I get sense that people respect the rules here oppose to needing fear of the enforcement. Probably the safest country I’ve been to.

P.s Katie would you like this?

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8 thoughts on “Only in Japan! – Does a policeman give me a kawaii keyring

  1. Arria Cross

    Yes, I’d want this. It’s adorable.


  2. That’s not a keyring.
    It’s a Shinto good-luck charm called an “o-ma-mo-ri”.
    You hang in somewhere in your car or on a bag that you carry while you walk to help guard against being in a traffic accident.
    The character on it is the Tokyo Police mascot “Pipo-kun”.


    • Awh yes that makes sense, thank you.
      I have seen quite a few good luck charms around and even won one a couple nights ago, it was the 5yen piece with some string tied though the hole.

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  3. Nyaaaah! Cuuuuuute! ❤


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