✓ Finished my first book!

So its taken me 22 years but I set my self the goal after i finished uni this year to finish a book. And here we are and I’ve finished a whole trilogy 😀 It was great really got what I wanted; A new world to explore and understand and a mystery to unwind that kept me hooked. I’ve never been drawn in by books and I’m glad after just this first my attitude to them has already changed and I am looking for to seeing what else it out there.

This new found desire to read books and my kindle come as a great tool for curing boredom while traveling. I genuinely look forward to those times where all you can do is sit and wait for a train to come along or my 2 days worth of flying coming up soon to get me to Japan via India, precious kindle time with no distractions or internet 🙂

The book by the way is the Maze Runner series by James Dashner and the picture bellow is the prequel. Its an easy and interesting read and I would recommend it.


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